Easypostjob4u Reviews & Complaints: SCAM Alert..!!

Easypostjob4u.com is one of the oldest scam online job provider. Our team is amazed by its Alexa Rank of <20000 in India, which shows that it cheats a large number of people on daily basis. Easypostjob4u collects money in the name of Universal Info Service. It runs several other scam sites like easypostjob4u.in, easypostjob4u.net, etc.… Read More »

Homebasework.net reviews and complaints: Scam Jobs

The website www.homebasework.net is a fraud and scam website. It is fooling people from almost 3 years. These fraud cheaters are looting common people in the name of these 2 websites: www.homebasework.net and www.homebasework.in. Earlier they were cheating people by this website: www.homebasework.com. BEWARE of any ‘homebasework’ site. In this eye-opener post we would reveal… Read More »

All Scam Online Jobs List: Updated Alphabetically

The business of scamming people online is running from the last 15 years. Every day a new website comes up offering jobs to people. The number of such scam online jobs and fraud websites are increasing day by day. In India, a lot of innocent people fall into this trap due to lack of guidance… Read More »

Universal Info Service Scam: Easypostjob4u Complaints

Universal Info Service runs a website viz. www.easypostjob4u.com which is a big scam of data entry and online jobs. They have cheated a lot of people in the name of online jobs. In this post, we are revealing all truth about Universal Info Service and easypostjob4u.com. Beware of Universal Info Service. Never join any site… Read More »

Realdatajobs Review and Complaints: Biggest Scam

Realdatajobs has two websites: www.realdatajobs.com and www.realdatajobs.in, Both these websites are getting huge amount of traffic. Both these websites are cheating people in the name of providing online jobs. There are large number of complaints on realdatajobs all over the internet. The following contains a few of the complaints and reviews: Realdatajobs Complaints # 1:… Read More »

Adpostjob4u Complaints SCAM: Review

AdPostjob4u.com is one of the biggest online job scam run by Cyber Expo, which is itself a scam website. This post is an eye-opener to all online job seekers and contains the truth behind adpostjob4u.com. There are large number of victims of this website and you can find lot of adpostjob4u complaints on the internet. The… Read More »

List of Online/Offline Data Entry Scam Fraud Jobs:

Data Entry Scam is becoming common day by day. These scammers target people who need a online or offline data entry job. Every day a good number of job seekers fall into their trap. These so called data entry companies create a website and post job advertisement everywhere. After coming across their job advertisement, the… Read More »

Cyber Expo Review & Complaints: Fraud Scam Company

Cyber Expo (www.cyberexpo.in) is one of the most dangerous online scam running these days. It is one of the most dangerous online fraud because their website is very convincing for any inexperienced person. Cyber Expo runs another fraud and cheating website, viz. www.adpostjob4u.com. In this post we would disclose the various cheating and fraud activities… Read More »

Moneymail Review & Complaints: Scam/Fraud

Moneymail review has been done by our experts after a lot of research. Moneymail.in is a India-based website and they are recently promoting their site everywhere. Before starting this comprehensive moneymail review, let’s know what exactly Moneymail.in offers and how. What is Moneymail(www.moneymail.in)? Moneymail is a multi-level-marketing(MLM) company website which does not have any legit… Read More »

Sendmygift Reviews, Complaints and Customer Feedback

SendMyGift.com(SMG) is the No#1 online portal in India for sending gifts to your near and dear ones. Here, in this post, we bring to you genuine and unbiased sendmygift reviews, complaints and customer feedback. On October 22 2015, Hrithik Roshan launched sendmygift.com in Bengaluru. This e-commerce marketplace has been designed by the TGS Group to help people… Read More »