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By | July 3, 2016

Cyber Expo ( is one of the most dangerous online scam running these days. It is one of the most dangerous online fraud because their website is very convincing for any inexperienced person. Cyber Expo runs another fraud and cheating website, viz. In this post we would disclose the various cheating and fraud activities of Cyber Expo.

1). Cyber Expo ( is not a Govt. registered company

Whatever trust Cyber Expo is creating in their website, everything is false, scam, fraud. Actually, it is not even registered by any government authority. We have checked the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), and we found there is no company registered in the name of Cyber Expo. However, we found a company in the name of Cyber Exports Private Limited which was registered from Kolkata in 1999 but now is inactive.

You can check these details by yourself. Click:  write company name ‘Cyber Expo’ and click ‘search’.The following result would be displayed:

cyber expo fraud

If you check the Master Data of this company by clicking here:  you would find that the Company Cyber Exports Pvt. Ltd. is registered from Kolkata in 1999 and is now Strikeoff. This shows that the fraud and scam company Cyber Expo is not connected to Cyber Exports Pvt Ltd and more importantly, is not registered under any Govt. authority. This is the 1st sign of a fraud, cheating business.

2). Cyber Expo is not any ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Cyber Expo is not even a company, forget about ISO 9001:2008 certified. To gain the trust of innocent people, they have displayed a fake, edited ISO certificate. If you make a simple Google image search of ISO Certificates, you would get a large number of such certificates. Anyone can easily download any such certificate and edit in paint or photoshop. Also, our team could not stop laughing when we read one of their link here:

cyber expo scam

‘Cyber Expo is leading publisher company of Google.’ We have never read any such statement about Google anywhere. First of all, Google does not certify any publisher officially. Secondly, Cyber Expo is a leading publisher. Actually, the people behind CYBER EXPO has taken for granted that the Indian internet users are stupid and foolish. They are using big names like Google and ISO to gain trust for looting money from people.

3. Cyber Expo Complaints and Reviews on the internet

A very interesting point came to our attention when we were going through the various complaints about and The cheat and fraud people behind Cyber Expo and Adpostjob4u are really working hard to cover up their online complaints. Actually, online complaints are such thing which can ruin the fake reputation of any fraud company. No fraud company can protect themselves from online negative reviews and complaints. The only way to cover up or hide a complain is to post positive reviews. The same has been done by Cyber Expo as well. Do not get convinced by the positive comments as they have been posted by them under various names. The following contains the link of complaints against Cyber Expo and = cyber expo = SCAM!!!

Cyber Expo has created a large number of Email Ids to post positive comments on various websites. Beware of this website and join only if you want to loose your money.
Cyber Expo and Adpostjob4u also features in the list of top data entry scams in India.

How much does Cyber Expo earns by its cheating/scam business?

The Alexa Rank of Cyber Expo and AdPostjob4u at the time of writing this post is nearly 300,000 and 150,000 respectively. This shows that the sites receive huge number of visitors per day. Although the accurate income figure can be disclosed only by the mastermind of this crime, our highly specialized team and researchers in cyber crime and online job fraud has estimated that Cyber Expo collects a minimum of Rs.350,000/- to Rs.800,000/- per month as registration fees. This amount may be double also.

What kind of job does Cyber Expo provides?

Ad Posting Jobs, Data Entry, SMS Sending, Email Forwarding, Content writing jobs, etc. These are not real jobs and they promote only their own websites through these jobs. Under Ad Posting and Data entry jobs, you have to post Ads in OLX, Quikr, etc about Cyber Expo, so that more and more people join them by seeing their Ads. Under SMS Sending job, you have to send SMS to unknown random numbers about Cyber Expo vacancies. Under Email Forwarding jobs, you have to forward promotional emails of Cyber Expo. Under Content writing job you have to write positive comments or articles about Cyber Expo in various websites.

So, basically all these jobs are to promote Cyber Expo only, so that they receive more visitors in their website and they can loot the common man’s money as registration fees. Not only do you pay them, but also promote their scam business thus increasing their income exponentially.

Who is the person behind Cyber Expo and Adpostjob4u?

The name that arises every time is Anirban Karmakar. They even use his account for receiving registration fees. But let’s face the truth. Anirban Karmakar is not the owner or mastermind behind this cheating, fraud, scam business. He may be a poor person, like any driver, labourer, farmer or an unemployed youth who even does not know that his name is involving with crime. He may have agreed to give his bank account for a little amount of money. Poor fellow, would soon be in trouble.

One more important thing to observe is the registered address of Cyber Expo. The address is


58/2 EXPO Complex , Ground Floor,

 BALIADANGA, Near Karimpur,


 West Bengal – 741152 , INDIA

When you research a bit about Baliadanga, you would come to know that this place is just a small village with just 4000 to 5000 people living there. There are just about 800 houses. For details about Baliadanga village in Nadia, click:

Should we expect a Expo Complex in such a small, remote village of India. BEWARE people BEWARE. A grand picture has been tried to be build in their website by mentioning Google, ISO, Expo Complex, etc.

What should you do if you have already been cheated?

If you are already a victim of Cyber Expo or you are someone who want to punish this fraud website, you can do the following things. While, we can not assure that you would get back your money, but you can definitely help others to stop getting into this trap. Also, if everyone follows these instructions, this website can be closed.

i). Call/Email the bank, where these cheaters have their account: Every bank has a separate grievances department which is used to handle fraud and cheating activities. We are listing the following details so that it would be easy for you to take step against them.

Axis Bank: If you have deposited your money in the Axis Bank account of Cyber Expo, then you must send a complaint to the Axis Bank grievance cell by following this link:

State Bank of India (SBI): If you have deposited your money in the SBI account of Cyber Expo, then you must send your complaints by following this link:

ICICI Bank: If you have deposited your joining fees in the ICICI Bank account of Cyber Expo, then you must make a complaint by following this link:

Steps to follow:

ii). Online FIR: This is one of the best options to punish any criminal. Strict actions are taken within a stipulated time frame without the hassle of going to a police station. Since, Cyber Expo is operating their scam business from West Bengal, victims must report an online complaint to West Bengal police by following this link:

Note: It is always advised to upload your payment receipt or online transaction receipt whenever making any complaints online. In several cases, we found that the victim gets his/her money back from the cheaters. Whatever complaints you make, forward it to Cyber Expo so that they realize that you are taking strict actions against them.

iii). Online Complaint forums: Online complaint forums and websites are very useful to create awareness about a fake and fraud company. We must post maximum number of negative reviews and complaints in various complaint forums. Some of the useful websites for this purpose are as follows. If you give just 30 minutes of your time and post complaints in these sites, then you can save many innocent people from loosing their money.

a). National Consumer Helpline

Please write your experiences in the below comment section. Your experiences would be eye-opener to many.

 Update:  We are receiving mails from the owners of Cyber Expo. They are ready to offer money to us for deleting this post. And, they want us to write false positive reviews about their fake jobs. Reviewhour is obsessed to bring the truth to you and would never surrender before money.


Now a days, these cheaters have started another website: to cheat people, as their old sites have been exposed completely. Please beware of this group.

You can read our detailed review of here: Complaints and Reviews.

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  1. Daz

    Just remember people, any online job sites that ask users to pay fees, its totally a scam. Some people jobless or unemployed, who are looking to earn some cash, falls for such kind of fraud. And I really thank, for exposing such sites.

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    Why didi’nt you suggest this brfore..ecellent information you very much.

  3. Nitin Chandratre

    Very useful information. Actually I was going to pay money for online jobs, but my son showed me this information & I was shocked. My heartly request to all my friends & those who are going to start this business please don’t pay any money. This company is “FRAUD” & be aware & stay away from this.

    Anybody can suggest for genuine company for such types jobs.

    1. Vicky

      Nobody can suggest for the genuine company name of such types jobs. I have seen many blogs. All bloggers advise for such types of jobs but don’t suggest any name of genuine sites for these types of jobs. All bloggers write always for these types of jobs so that their blogs may be popular & they get more & more profit from those advertisers who do advertise on their blogs.
      If, you or anybody can suggest any genuine company for such types of jobs, please also mail to me.

  4. Lalit

    Mere sab logo se ek hi request hai ki aap sab log pls is website pe log in n.a. kare kyuki it’s full of waste time …isme koi kam nhi dete ye log bs ..apni promotion karwat a hai…..aap jo bhi plan logo…usme log in karne ke bad vo in active hoga….usko active karne ke liye…aapko kuch task karne honge jaise ki ….facebook YouTube twiter pe share karna ….I have done it several times …tab bhi mera plan active nhi hua……Its full of fraud links ….isme kuch nhi hota ….pls pls pls pls pls pls pls aap sabse request hai ki koi bhi isme register n.a. karaye…register karwake ye log India ka data collection karte hai….and usko fir companies ko bechdete hai….sale bhikari Khi….partime job dene ke chakkar me logo ka time waste karwate hai….pls pls ps pls pls pls pls psl …isme register n.a. karaye ….
    Thank You
    Lalit Kumar
    9958510705 this is my number agar kisi ko kuch bhi details chahiye is fraud company ke bare me to contact me….
    Or sabse bdi bad…inke website pe jo hotline no. Karke jo suit hai….co no. Kabhi bhi ye log pic nhi uthate …Maine bhut bar try …par unhone phn hi pick nhi kiya….so…last time …isme pls koi bhi register mat karna …aapka sabka precious time kharab hoga or kuch nhi..


    Thanks for this useful info
    Can you please tell which companies or web sites are genuine in online data entry job ?

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  8. Atanu sahoo

    At first many many thanks on your valuable research & honesty,you really save my time bro…
    Please advice me what i do? I already registered on cyber expo with my details.
    But i did not start work.
    Please advice me about..
    1. How i delete my registration from cyber expo?
    2. Are you have any suggestion about online data entry job sites,which is really geniune?
    Please feedback me as soon as possible.

  9. soniya

    I have tried number of Times from Jan2018 but it only takes like and share on social media and end of day you do not get anything to work it’s scam and only making theirlikes and YouTube subcribes is all fraud a big fraud company.
    As you to like their videos and share on social networking and give nothing. Cheating ppl at large and playing with feelings of needy ppl.

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    Thank you so much for the information. I must share this to peoples as many as possible .

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    Thanks to you for this information. Now a days too many champs are literate with computer and they has a dream to earn money by sitting there home with our going office by bus / train. This types of champs are cheated from this type of job site.

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    Thank you so much but is there any website exist which give us these type of job like SMS sending, data entry etc. Please tell me.

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    Thank god i came across this website.. i was saved by you.. thanks alot.. i was just about to pay the registration fee and suddenly i came across this. Thank you again

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    Thanks for this useful info
    Can you please tell which companies or web sites are genuine in online data entry job ?

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    How come so many Fraud companies, particularly in Data Entry work at Home type segment, are Fraud companies and how are they surviving? Can the Economic Offence wing not see your website and punish such culprits from operating and even advertising their dubious companies on Internet space?

    Thanks for your post and saving many people who are thinking of getting into this field…
    Its a surprise why our Government cannot initiate anything from its side to minimsie such fraudsters rather than wait for some fraud to happen, some people to suffer and complain? Ridiculous…

  20. Diluma

    So helpful tips.many thanks.i ve got to be cheated by them.but you opened my eyes.we have to punish them in various ways we can, to protect poor people.

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    Great Work! You have helped many poor people to save their money from those scammers. I really like ur efforts. Ull receive many blessings, keep spreading awareness.
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    Many fraudstars are living with the name of outsourcing, like MY BPO BUSINESS in Delhi, NTS infotech in chennai, this cyber expo, who are doing illegal business with help of some legal documents. where we will be taken away y there initial talks. Beware of these people.

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      thanks a lot!!!
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