List of Online/Offline Data Entry Scam Fraud Jobs:

By | July 5, 2016

Data Entry Scam is becoming common day by day. These scammers target people who need a online or offline data entry job. Every day a good number of job seekers fall into their trap. These so called data entry companies create a website and post job advertisement everywhere. After coming across their job advertisement, the job seekers contact them through their websites, Email Ids and phone numbers. These scam data entry job websites are designed very convincing like any other genuine job in market. To join into their program, everyone has to pay a registration amount or security charge. After that the candidates are given all sorts of useless, stupid work to do for which they never receive any kind of money or salary.

There are very few places where you would get a proper list of all data entry scam and fraud websites. This information would be very useful in reducing cyber crime and job fraud. We have compiled a list of scam websites which are cheating people in the name of data entry jobs online. The following is the list of all scam data entry sites updated alphabetically.

Contribute in building this list of data entry scam sites

The above contains only a few data entry job fraud sites. We hope it would be helpful to save many people from loosing their hard earned money. However, our experts have estimated that there are more than 400 data entry websites which are involved in collecting registration fees from people and cheating them. We suggest you to contribute in building this list of fake data entry jobs.  If you ever came across any such data entry scam website, please mention the link in the comments below. We would research on the ingenuity of every data entry job available online and update our list regularly.

35 thoughts on “List of Online/Offline Data Entry Scam Fraud Jobs:

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  2. Umer.p

    I am interested for doing online jobs,especially formfilling jobs. Please sent me a real formfilling websites for work.

  3. Smithg546

    You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post. ccbecckkekeefddd

  4. obed

    can anyone give atleast 3 genuine data entry site because i have struggled with scam physically and electronically.please one send me a decent genuine data entry site

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  6. dave

    Dear Sir, may i know who you are?

    Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge..
    How do you prove your authenticity?
    wE ASPECT some good tips and advice too…

  7. Umer.p


    Please check the two websites, whether it is genuine or not. and

  8. Shurthi


    MR.SOURABH AGARWAL alias MR.RAJESH AGARWAL-(HE CHANGED NAME TO AVOID BEING NOTICED IN THIS SCAM/FRAUD)(Ph No:011 3222 3987/9582462508)Concerned Person, who is Posing to be Company Managing Director,Company’s Incharge and Business Development Manager,has asked to make Rs:1000/- Subscription fee through Paytm to get Registered and get LOGIN ID and PWD for work.

    Its a 60 page work Project, Conversion from Image to Notepad.He asked us to complete the work within 6 Days else he will not make the payment.

    I completed and submitted the work within said time.
    1% errors are acceptable as per Terms and Conditions sent by IDS.INDIAN DATA SERVICES

    Each line Contains 20 words, and Each page contains 51-55 lines approx,that means each page contains 1500 words approx.

    60 pages* 1500 words gives us 70000 words in total.
    1% of 70000 is 700 words, that means errors of 700 words are acceptable.

    And moreover 90% accuracy rate makes us eligible for Total Payment.

    The Person Mr.Sourabh Agarwal had an Intention of Fraud since Inception of the Project.

    I have Sent a Sample sheet and asked to Check the Quality, but i didn’t receive any report on Quality.

    Secondly in the Terms and Conditions it is mentioned that 24 hrs time will be given after final quality check report, to rectify the Errors.
    Neither has he given any time.
    (Even though there were less than 1% errors)

    Neither he is receiving the calls, When we ask for payment, he finally will say that he is a mediator and cannot pay or not in a position to pay.
    When he is just a BROKER or so Called MEDIATOR,not able to make payments…..we are just asking why the hell do you outsource Dubious Projects…….???

    He has not even taken account numbers to transfer the amount.

    Even the mail structure which he has sent to me, to my friends who also worked for IDS, INDIAN DATA SERVICES;( by paying fees),saying that they are Rejecting the Project,Not making the Payment for the Work Done:Rs:9000/- for 60 Pages and also that hence forth we will not be eligible for any Projects are a COPY PASTE,same for all.

    His Modus Operandi is to Cheat, Defraud Innocent People by luring them for Data Entry Projects for Minimum Investment, Projects by Working at Home etc Luring Innocent Females, offering work only for FEMALES &HOUSEWIVES as they are gullible, cannot Fight etc

    Getting Registration Amounts into his account,Getting the TOTAL Work Done,Putting Deadlines,Rejecting works done on one or other Basis to avoid Payments,and submit the Hard work Done by others,posing as work done by IDS to client company and getting Payments.

    I even doubt and am afraid fearing the work to be fraud or dubious just luring female candidates to pay for Subsciption amount just for Dummy work, where he can Earn by Sitting.

    Even After submitting the work before Dead line, he says the Client is’nt giving time for Publishing!!! and Rejecting the Project and hard done work.This is the Biggest Joke.

    He has created a Fraudulent Company called Indian Data Services,IDS which is Posing to be a Pvt. Ltd Company. indulging in all kind of FRAUD,CHEATING,DEFRAUDING WOMEN,FEMALE who are already Considered a Weaker sex in Society.

    So,its evident that since Inception of the Project only he had Intention of FRAUD,DECEIT.

    Request you look into the Entire Thing, his MODE of Operation and DO justice to US. And Warn and alert INNOCENT PEOPLE FROM SUCH FRAUD COMPANIES.


    HIS A/C Details are:Bank – HDFC Bank

    Account Holder Name – Saurabh Kumar

    IFSC Code – HDFC0000088

    Branch Name – Sector – 18 Noida

    Account Number – 00881140295000

    Paytm Registered Mobile Number: 9717166430

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  10. Amit Kumar Roy

    Here is another name of scammer:

    Worked for them in a very large facebook translation project in the language pair English into Bengali. They didn’t pay me 2500$ [two thousand dollars. I have all the proofs and screenshot! Never work for them.
    And beware of them!

    1. reviewhour Post author

      as long as you do not pay anything in advance it is real.

      1. AAAAA

        sir they are not asking to pay anything,,, but is it advisable to give my bank account number to them

        1. reviewhour Post author

          Even if you join without any fee, you would never receive any kind of payment or salary from them. They would use you to spread their company and join many other victims through you. You would waste your time and energy, nothing else.

    2. reviewhour Post author is fraud and is run by cyber expo, another fraud website

  11. AAAAA

    Hello sir please clarify,,,, I found online job in allmoneytips… which claims Rs 1 as registration fee to be deducted from my earning ,,, Is it fake or real?,,, Also they are asking my bank account number and name of bank,,, Shall I give ?? Will it be confidential,,,?

    1. reviewhour Post author

      AllMoneyTips is started by scamsters and fraud people of CyberExpo, therefore it is not advisable to be associated to any of their fraud and cheating websites. The Re.1/- registration fee is a trick and at some point of time you would lose much more money.
      Just ask yourself and them, What is the point of taking Re.1/- ?? Which genuine company operates in such way ??

  12. Bharat Rabari

    Please tell me sir,
    I’m working with talent Infotech company
    Its online data entry company
    Talent Infotech is real or fake????

    1. reviewhour Post author

      Please send us the website link so that our team can review it.

  13. Devendra

    I am interested for doing online jobs,especially Typing job, Copy Paste Job & formfilling jobs. Please sent me a real websites namefor work.

  14. Zena

    Asvegis technologjes is another offline data entry site that would give you irrational typing work that would demand money if you are unable to do such impossible typing.They would even give you legal document and scare you. Kindly take this note let aModi know.

  15. Anju

    Hi Team,i am interest to join in work from home jobs. But I found number of fake companies in Internet. Please tell me genuine home based part time jobs companies name.

  16. victor

    hello sir
    I have search data entry job in quiker and they send bar code data entry job which pay daily and asked to pay through paytm registration fees according to 2 plan they have and promised within one hour they send work ie pdf to be entered in excel sheet. website is and
    paytm number 9824285929
    name is pavan damor
    gmail id [email protected] they are fraud not even replied

  17. Shaggy

    Plzz check this data entry job shine your future 78-A dlf tower gurgaon sir help me check it send me is that real or fake

  18. manish

    sir please let us know about the legal home based work website …

  19. Nani

    Hi sir,
    Am appreciating your work for the list of scam data entry websites. In the same way can you please make the list of genuine sites list to help many people like me. I tried so many sites and lost so much money in this field. Could you help me by giving atleast one real site which can pay.

    Thanks & Regards,

  20. Tongpangyanger longchar

    Is CS Work. Net Data entry Job and Data Scrape India Fake?? Or Genuine?… Please reply ASAP

  21. Freddie


    One thing i found most of the fake job sites are opened after 2014 and all have UP address.

    This scam is much more bigger root.



    F.E. Services, latur maharashtra also is a fraud company they don’t take any registration fees but when you submit your data with perfection they generate the fake QC report and asked to pay 4800/- as the failure fees


    I need very badly a truly genuine Online/Offline Home Based Jobs without investment. So please mail me genuine online/offline home based URLs / LINKs through which I can earn .


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