Homebasework.net reviews and complaints: Scam Jobs

By | September 12, 2016

The website www.homebasework.net is a fraud and scam website. It is fooling people from almost 3 years. These fraud cheaters are looting common people in the name of these 2 websites: www.homebasework.net and www.homebasework.in. Earlier they were cheating people by this website: www.homebasework.com. BEWARE of any ‘homebasework’ site. In this eye-opener post we would reveal all facts about homebasework.net. Our team of experts has done their research and now the result is out. Do not join this website without going through the following homebasework.net reviews and complaints:

Homebasework.net Reviews:

Here are some details about the cheating and fraud site homebasework.net:

homebasework.net reviews

Anyone can check the above details by visiting this link: www.scamadviser.com

Why should you consider homebasework.net as a SCAM site?

1). Homebasework.net is not registered or approved under any authority. You must know that to carry any kind of business in India, an entity has to be registered under a government body like the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) or any other authority at the state or municipal level. Generally, the registration details of a company is displayed on their ‘About Us’ page. But when we checked the ‘About Us’ page of homebasework.net, we found only useless crap and dialogues written to convince people. Usually, fraud and fake companies have these symptoms.

Our Legal team also checked the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and found that ‘homebasework’ is not a valid company. It is completely illegal in our country to carry any kind of business or provide job without being properly registered under a authority.

2). The ‘Contact Us’ page of homebasework.net does not contains any physical address. This proves that these fraud people does not have any physical office anywhere and they carry their shady business from a private room that no one can trace. Every legal business has a physical address of their office which can be easily found from their website or from the internet sites like Justdial, etc. If any entity is hiding their location of operation, then it is a sign of fraud.

The ‘Contact Us’ page of homebasework.net contains only a contact form and Email Id but no address of their office or maps showing their location. This is one of the symptoms of a cheating and fraud business.

Homebasework.net reviews:

3). The ‘Payment’ page of homebasework.net contains the personal account number of a person. Any genuine company or site have Bank Account in the name of the company and not in the name of a person. Apart from Western Union and PayPal (using which does not requires much documents), the following personal account has been displayed:homebasework.net reviews

The account holder may not be the person behind this fraud, but his bank account is being misused. Many a times it is observed that culprits use bank accounts of other needy and poor people for such fraud and cheating purposes. Also, it is not necessary that since the bank account is of Delhi, the cheaters are also working from there.

4). Zero presence in social media. In this age of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, every genuine business entity has social media presence where they share their news, events, photos, information, etc. These are trust factors and absence of social media raises question to the authenticity of a business.

Homebasework.net reviews:

5). No transparency about the owners, directors of homebasework.net. You would waste your money if you pay anywhere without knowing where your money is actually going. The website does not displays any name who would be responsible for any loss. In the whole website, we just found a name ‘Brijesh Ray’ and his bank account number is mentioned for collecting money from common people. We even do not know, who is ‘Brijesh Ray’, and what position or post does he holds in homebasework.net. Or, he is just another poor victim whose bank account is being misused in exchange of a little amount of money.

6). Apart from all these above major faults, our team found numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the whole website of homebasework.net, which raises suspicion, as genuine and authentic websites hardly make such silly errors. No doubt, homebasework.net is a SCAM website and anyone joining them will never get their money back.

Homebasework.net Complaints:

“We should all learn from other’s mistake.” The following contains homebasework.net reviews and complaints from those who have joined this website. Also, there are a few positive reviews claiming that they are earning with homebasework, but don’t take them seriously, as the owners themselves write such positive reviews to hide the negative ones. However, they can not hide the negative reviews with their false positive reviews, because a very large number of people have been cheated by them and many such people have shared their painful experience. Our team of experts found a very large number of homebasework.net reviews, but here we are displaying only a few of them with their proper links:

1). “homebasework is big fraud they dont respond to mails, they just know to take money, i deposited $50 for online form filling job they gave some stupid”
– http://www.complaintboard.in/profile-1286442

2). “This is fake website…Please do not put your hardmaking money to buy their bullshit jobs.
As they are making fool of us. I am sharing my experience…”

3). http://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/www-homebaseworks-com-l202505.html

4). “Please don’t Invest your Hard earned money in this Company (homebasework.in).”

Homebasework.net complaints:

5). “I paid almost 6k to get the project of home based work. This is basically a data entry work and they provide work from home. They asked me to do 100 pages per day, I failed and they gave me one more chance after sometime saying go for any other project. I have started working on Form Filling work after getting assignment started working… even though i spend lot of time on the work i couldn’t able to reach target as it was 100 forms per day 3000 per month.

We have to register with 3000 Article submission websites and submit article. The real hidden cost is that  you can never be able to submit the work as the target is so high and the data entry work is so tough. Support is good  and they speak to you nicely but they will never help you in case you ask them how to achieve the target. I am sure God is there to see their Sins and all the fake promises.”

6). http://www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/wwwhomebaseworkscom-wwwhomebaseworkscom-company-is-fraud-c733998.html

7). Scam Online Job List: http://reviewhour.com/scam-online-jobs-list/

These were a few homebasework.net reviews. Anyone can find in-depth complaints by searching “Homebasework.net complaints” on Google:

What can you do if you have already been cheated by homebasework ?

It would be difficult to get your money back, once you are cheated by this scam site. But here are a few things that you can try:
i). Collect the details of the Bank Branch where you have paid money. This is easily available on Google. Contact the branch through Email or Phone and complain about the cheating activity done through the account number. Many a times, the bank blocks that account and reverses your amount if you can mail them your receipt of payment.

ii). You would also get the details of the Complaint or grievance department of that bank from Google. Every bank has a cyber crime cell or complaint cell to handle customer complaints. You can simply contact them and inform your incident.

iii). Post as many complaints and homebasework.net reviews as possible on various internet complaint forums like complaintboard, tradecomplaint, consumercomplaints, etc. This would save others from joining this website.

iv). These days, many state police have started lodging online FIRs. Do not hesitate to lodge an online FIR of your loss. You just have to fill a form and submit online. Search on Google for online FIR of the state where the cheaters have bank account. Our team has witnessed many successes when victims have lodged online FIRs.

Also, make sure that you write your experience, homebasework.net reviews and complaints in the comment section below. This post is read by many people and you may save many from joining homebasework.net by sharing your experience with them.


46 thoughts on “Homebasework.net reviews and complaints: Scam Jobs

  1. N.Venkatesh

    Hi Guys
    I am Venkatesh. I was working in this website for the past one week.I earned $57 as this was showing on the dashboard.I was not paid.Now my account was disabled
    This is a fake website.
    Please do not join this site.
    Thank you.

  2. Ashim

    Thanks a lot for this reviews I am delete this account and never trust again for online jobs….also for new joiners don’t be fooled for this types of websites….

  3. Div

    It’s been 3 days since I joined and thankfully, today I checked the reviews. Thanks to everyone from saving me and many more like me from this fraud.

  4. Kanna

    Hai ,
    I am Kanna. I have worked the form filling job and copy paste job for all 30 days and submitted my work. While submitting the works, It says like the record are submitted and they will give feedback within 48 hours. But no feedback from them. So, I sent a message through contact us page. But no reply. Again I sent a message the next day, but no reply. Then I left and waited for three days. Today when I try to login, they say my account is disabled.

    My advice is that, don’t waste time on this site. It’s worthless.

  5. Message Francois

    Thank you so much i even started with them 3days ago and I was expecting to collect huge amount in the end of the month. May God give you more than this

  6. Kammy Jones

    I will never be fooled by sites like these again. It’s amazing how they make the jobs sound so good and simple to do, but when it comes time for the payment you get no response after the certain amount of days you have to wait before they tell you if you’ve done a good job, or not. Those days turned into weeks and still no response and when I clicked on the payment button day by day it tells me you have to complete 30 days that I’ve already done, very disappointing.

  7. prasad

    I tried to join One home based company that is located Rajajinagar, global achivers, I asked any amount I have to pay advance, or deposit, they told only registration
    Fee 200 you have to pay rest of all our hr will tell you like that.

    I paid only one page registration form they charged 200 rupees, after that their hr demo started, we provide 100 pages of work that deposit 2500, other option 150 pages you have to page 4000, 3rd one 200 pages of data entry 5000 you have to deposit, due to they have to pay other company. before it self they dont tell, I doutn. payt have money to pay credit debit card also we accept, tomorrow we will not accept same application. you have to pay another 200 rupees for registration. I lost 200 rupees within 10 minutes, they are telling all the company rules. you cant break company rule.
    Dont join anybody innocent this type of fraud companies, you lost your money, you time, peace also

  8. Binshad E K

    I am completed my 30 days work . Copy paste work and form filling work. In my balance is $300 , why I can’t submit that last statement. It’s too much . Please give my payment back.

  9. mohan

    is it fake i have worked 1 month now the website is not working pls dont use these websites and dont arrange anyone my frd told me this one is it fake

  10. Bhuvaneswari Narishman

    Yes its really a useful information for the unemployed person . Because now a days lot of College students and unemployed person is trying this kind of work for earning money.

    1. WSA

      Yes they want traffic on there website so google adsense can place ads on this site, they are getting money when you visit the site everyday. As per the work there is no real work its all fake and same repeat data for all 30 days.

  11. Arindam Ghosal

    Thank you for your valuable feedback. can you tell me which site is real for earn money from home.


    Seem to be a fraud site.Take all the evidence and send it to Interpol.Let them be investigated by International Police Force. They commit fraud against international people.If there is a case against them the authority can file an application to google, u-tube and block the site depending on the outcome of the investigation.
    This is a crime against humanity and it involved every country in the world.People have power and imagine you how much power people would have all around the world with the same problem.You have done great research towards this Homebasework site and thanks for that.
    Please take it further.I believe every person on this site will support you otherwise the problem gone stay the same.Let us unite against it.

  13. Lance Oliver

    they are a scam i have done all my work 100% correct and tonight just 2 days from completing day 30 i am blocked from the site those fools should really be ashamed with messing peoples time money and effort. now you only get a automated reason of work not being 98% correct… people like this deserve to live like dogs for doing this to other people. we want to provide for our families, i am going to troll every blog and sight that mentions them

  14. jaya

    This is totally a fake one , i have done my work perfectly for 11 days and they deactivated my account and the reply is work is not 98percent accurate, This is totally fake please dnt try waste of time.

  15. Manikandan

    YouTube channels also encourage such fraud websites without studying the fraud mess for their benefits from YouTube AdSense

  16. Maggie Paul

    This is an eye opener. It has saved me many days and hours of work. Thank you.

  17. ren

    can u suggest any home base job site which is free and legit? thanks in advance. ur suggestion will be much appreciated.

  18. blessing mahiro

    Hi. This website is absolutely a scam. I paid $50.00 each for their copy paste and form filing hoping to get unlimited data to work on. A week passed and I did not hear from them, I filled out all forms needed for me to start work but no response from them. I needed to email them multiple times for them to even reply. They do not respond immediately, they do not give proper instructions on how to do the job therefore there is a high chance of you not giving them 98% accuracy which is the reauirement for you to get paid. Sites they provide are total BS! Atleast refund back our money!!!!

  19. Riri Woo

    I became doubtful when I realized that the webpage itself has some bullshit grammar. Never trust someone offering online job but having heavy grammar flaws.

  20. Vish

    I am a 72 year old senior citizen, having 40 years of experience in typing field. I was Secretary to top CEOs of renowned public limited companies. I just want to air my view. I joined Homebasework.com as a free member
    and took up Copy Paste work. Worked daily for 30 days. Every detail of the copy paste work was noted by me in
    my dairy work sheet and then copied to required field and counter checked for accuracy before submission.
    Hard work daily for 1 to 2 hours. At last when I submitted my work, this web site sends e-mail that my work
    is below 98 percent and not eligible for any payment.They cited errors in certain datas and also disabled my
    account. I counterchecked with my hand written datas and all are perfect and ticked by me before submission of data. This Homebased Work.Com are fooling people. BEWARE ALL- Do’nt trust this site and for God sake, don’t get into any of their paid plans.

  21. Satvir Singh

    This is fake after working your account automatically disable and no reply from there site. they disable my account 2 time and alwyes sent mail to create new account or doing more then 1 job this is fake fucking faker fuck them and ban there website and ip.

  22. Nitesh

    Hi Guys, I’m Nitesh. I started to work here from 14th of Jan 17. After 11days, when I tried to login.. It was showing that your account is expire and reason they said, You not logged in 48hrs. The truth is yesterday I completed my work and I have a screenshot of my work. They sent me mail and saying . Read FAQ and don’t send mail again here.
    I request you to all my friends and who is going to join here. Please do not join and don’t recommend to join here because this is BIG FAKE company. You will waste your time . Instead of working here find something else.
    Wish you good luck friends.

  23. sathm

    frad and fack company website
    very cheeted and frad company website.
    please dont go to join this web site, i worked in 27days , now not open my account because now show on error page “expire my account,”
    There is evidence to me, yesterday i captured image this web site. doing in 27th day work but not open the 27th day data, only open 24th day work, then how to submit my work 98% in 30day. see this images friends clearly understand and believe. this is frad and fack company.They are giving false information, then you are not submit 98% accuracy data. then they are said no amount provided. 27 days net waste, time wast, and my work waste. if any wrong data are type not said this is wrong is right, only record added successfully. then 30days work is waste.

    please share your friend and save your life and your friend life.

    1. reviewhour Post author

      The free works under homebasework is scam too as you never get paid and waste your time.

    1. reviewhour Post author

      You will end up promoting their website and wasting your time without any payments.

    2. Mani

      No they wont.. im also done 30days work but after that they never respond mail

  24. syed Imtan

    my syed Imran my Homebasework.net par 30 days ka work tha us me mian ne 25 dino tak apna work kiya uske baad id open nhi horahi hai plz mujhe bataiye ke id kistarha open hogi

    1. reviewhour Post author

      You have been scammed by Homebasework like many others. You have promoted their website, worked hard, wasted time and not received any payments. They lock the free accounts once their purpose is served.

  25. ch a n raju

    Thank you so much for your information. You saved me to do not deposit any amount in their account. Your reviews are very helpful.


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