Indekka Software Reviews & Complaints: fraud EXPOSED..!!

By | August 6, 2019

Indekka Software Pvt Ltd running with website is currently the most dangerous data entry scam in 2019. In this post, we would give you a genuine, unbiased review of the fraud site of Indekka Software.

Indekka Software Reviews website

Update: Now these criminals have opened another website: in the name of AMY SOFTWARES PVT LTD. Beware of this fake and fraud website. The website is created on 4th October 2019, ie. very recently. Click here to check the date of creation: These people will loot some money and then close this website too and start again. is the new website. Their old website is You would find many complaints about their old website. Therefore, they have created this new site. – The previous site of Indekka Software

Question: Who has earned money from Indekka Software?
Answer: No one has earned money after joining Indekka Software. Only the fraud persons who created this site has looted money from common, innocent people.

Question: How many people have got work after joining Indekka?
Answer: No one has received any kind of work after joining Indekka Software.

Do not join anyhow. After you pay them the money, they would ask you to pay more.

Indekka Software Cheating Process:

You would find, after every training fees amount, there is a star mark or asterisk sign (*). Read their Terms and Conditions. They have mentioned that the fees is only 50% for first 25 candidates of the day. Once you join them, they would say that the first 25 candidates vacancy is filled-up. Now they would tell you to pay the same amount again, as the 50% discount offer is not applicable to you. Many people have paid them the second time also. The money is also non-refundable.

Save your money and do not pay or join in If you have any queries, ask us below in the comment section. The ReviewHour team would be glad to save your hard-earned money. We are soon coming up with the whole Indekka Software Reviews and Complaints.

If you have already joined Indekka, then you should post your complaints on various online forums. You can also share your experience with us in the comment section so that more people would know about this fraud website.

Indekka Software has recently come up with another website: The account number used to loot money were same for both these websites. We would write Computer Complex Reviews in another post. As of now we found multiple websites associated to the fraud owner of Indekka Software. These websites are as follows:

Indekka Software Pvt Ltd –
Computer Complex Pvt Ltd –
Internet Outsourcings Ltd –
And the website –

We would update this post and would write more posts as soon as we come across another new site from the owner of and Computer Meanwhile, we request all our readers to contribute few minutes and write negative reviews of these scam sites on as many online platform as possible. Lets do some good work.

3 thoughts on “Indekka Software Reviews & Complaints: fraud EXPOSED..!!

  1. Leela

    Thank you so much you people saved me I was just going to join after seeing their company details on Internet so lively they have created their company website

  2. Rahul

    Totally agree. I have also been a victim after seeing their ad in google. I have also posted few complaints about them in other sites.

    1. reviewhour Post author

      Now they are running another website:
      You should post as many complaints as possible in as many consumer forums online. Our target should be to save the money of innocent common people.


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