All Scam Online Jobs List: Updated Alphabetically

By | July 15, 2016

The business of scamming people online is running from the last 15 years. Every day a new website comes up offering jobs to people. The number of such scam online jobs and fraud websites are increasing day by day. In India, a lot of innocent people fall into this trap due to lack of guidance and expertise in the field of online scams. Our team of experts has compiled a list of all scam online jobs. We update this list on regular basis. This list below is arranged in alphabetical order. Any website which is listed below should be avoided. These websites include data entry scam, ad posting scam, SMS sending scam, copy-paste job scam, Email reading job scam, content writing job scam, captcha scam, form filling scam, online survey scam, pay per click scam and other such scam online jobs.

List of all Scam Online Jobs:

























There are many other such websites which has not been listed above. Our team is vigorously searching and analyzing scam, fraud job sites. You are requested to comment below other such scam sites which you ever came across. We would add them in our list above after a cross-check.

21 thoughts on “All Scam Online Jobs List: Updated Alphabetically

  1. L. Sayani is a scam. ( Website is still active.

    They offer work from home jobs – to convert pdf to excel @2000/- daily payment.
    Initial application fee is Rs 54/- and 108/- for two plans.
    After you submit the first job, they ask to 1560/- for Customer agreement.
    Then they stop replying to emails.
    Transfer of funds is to a paytm account.
    – Paytm Number: 7069499118
    Bank Detail:
    – Account Holder Name: Dinesh Kumar
    – Account Number: 917069499118
    – Bank Name: Paytm Payments Bank LTD
    – IFSC Code: PYTM0123456

    Beware of this fraud Company.

  2. L. Furtado is a fake job website where they offer two plans costing 54/- and 108/- respetively.
    They ask to convert pdf file to excel offering daily payment of 2000/- and 4000/- resp.

    After you submit first time they insist on further payment of 1560/- for “customer agreement’.
    After money was transferred to their paytm account, they went off the grid (did not reply to emails) while the paytm mobile no is switched off. The website is still up for new victims.
    It is a scam – Beware.

  3. PRC

    Before starting to join any online or offline work company. First of all you will check in the google web site whether the company is real or fraud. Most all fraud companies web sites details are posted in the web site by many cheated person by the company. So on watching that you can take a decision not to join that type of scam companies and to protect your hard earned money from these type of cheating people. You must keep every mail received and send to them in a separate fold for future use. Please inform the concerned bank you sent money that you have cheated by that account holder of your bank and ask them to take care for not allowing other person to cheat in this way in the future. Only the bank people can do any thing in this matter. If they take care they can stop the 99% of these kind of cheating.

  4. Kitty Clark

    I wanted to know if dmtconsultants job is a scam. I got an email with a job offer. Also they are sending me a check to buy office equipment and software to purchase to work for them. The contact person is [email protected]. I was a little weary of his url because its a gmail acct. But also them sending me a check. They found me on google hangouts and I checked their profile and they look legit. This is supposed to be a mineral and mining company. There is a website its called DMT so I would like to know if this is a real job offer.

  5. Subhadra

    Everybody! Beware here is one more FRAUD Companies which offer online jobs site is http://WWW.GLEAMTECHNOLOGIES.CO . After working day and night to finish forms, for JUST few days the trainer Miss. Anurupika, just disconnected me. The site and all links just wouldn’t open. All phone and mobile contacts just wouldn’t respond. 9842332383,9043553999, 1800-30003167, watsapp 9244574444. Once I realized this very moment, wanted to post here and warn. Nobody should get duped from this site and the bunch of cheaters who are running it. I still have the bank slip I paid the money for registration.

  6. Ranjith

    Tnq sir for u r information. but plz make review on trusted online jobs sites it may useful for so many members

  7. salvador manzanillo

    thanks for very informative information .this will serve as my guide in searching for legitimate online jobs that really pays.

  8. Tamilarasi online scam website. I lost 3500 rs for survey job online. Fooled me. HereAfter check sites having http:// as in starting of website id , domain age checker provides website age before paying anything

  9. farhan

    do you have a list of those genuine websites as well, for genuine work. if you have any reference please let me know.

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    1. reviewhour Post author

      Yes, you can use some of the content but only after giving back credits to our website link.

  11. Ganesh is the one of the fraud and illegal company. its a scam company.. dont invest any amount.. i took 1250 ad posting then got to know its cheating.. the job is you have post add in quicker and clickindia saying part time job ( how you got the message) and its legal, if anyone joined then you will get commission.. its not product advertisement . beware of this kind of frauds…

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