Virtualofficejob Review: Scam & Fraud: Do Not Join

By | May 31, 2017 is another big scam online job provider. In this virtualofficejob review we would provide every details about how this website operates and how virtualofficejob is scam. This website has become quite popular as suggested by its Alexa rank of 790111 at the time of writing this review. This shows a lot of people visits this website and these cheaters loot a lot of people. Recently, they have started another website to cheat people: The following contains why we consider virtualofficejob as a fake and scam website:

Virtualofficejob Review #1: Illegal Company

VirtualOfficeJob is not any legal company as it is not registered or approved by any authority. You should all know that to carry out any kind of business activity anywhere, we need proper documentation, registration, incorporation or approval from proper government bodies. In this case, is just a plain and simple website, which can be designed by anyone. Neither it is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, ISO nor it is approved by any local bodies.

When a website does not displays proper documents of its business registration, it is generally a fraud website. Beware of such websites and join only if you want to lose your hard-earned money.

Virtualofficejob Review #2: Improper Email Id

Never join a website which does not have Email Accounts in its own name. When you click on the Contact page of virtualofficejob, you would find that their Email Id is “[email protected]

Any website which uses free mail services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc should be avoided. Genuine businesses have their own email accounts with their own company name in the format [email protected]


Virtualofficejob Review #3: Improper Contact Number

Any genuine business establishment receives call on at least 1 landline number. A business entity which does not displays at least 1 landline number in their website is dangerous. Generally, to get a landline connection one needs proper documents and address proof. Therefore, fraud companies, which does not have any physical office anywhere, do not have a landline number. Mobile SIMs are available in abundance, sometimes without documents, therefore fraud businesses like virtualofficejob uses Mobile number only.

Also, their contact page shows that they have office in Bangalore. If they display landline number in their website then everyone can confirm by the STD Code that they have real office. But since virtualofficejob does not have office anywhere in the world, therefore they do not display landline number. You would come to know that Virtualofficejob is a fraud website, when you call their number and ask them to share their landline number. Our team when contacted them and asked about their landline number, they got pissed off and became irritated.


Virtualofficejob Review #3: False & Impossible Promise

Under the premium job section, click on “Global Max Investment”. In this plan, you would get 7% interest on your money every 24 hours, ie. If you pay them Rs.1500, you would earn Rs.105/- daily without doing anything. Therefore, you can double your money in 15 days without doing any single work. LOL..!!

Even a fool would not join under any plan of VirtualOfficeJob. There is no explanation in their website, how can they double an amount in 15 days. There have already been numerous scams and cheat funds like this before. Virtualofficejob is promising you quick money, ie. double in 15 days. Never trust any such dubious sites.


Virtualofficejob Review #4: Another new SCAM site

It has often been observed that when a fraud website has too many complaints online, very few people join them. Therefore, these cheaters start a new website which does not have any complaint online. The same has been done by Virtualofficejob has cheated a lot of money and therefore generated a lot of complaints online. As a result, when anyone searches about them online, they come through their complaints and do not join them.

Therefore, to solve this problem and loot more people, virtualofficejob has started another new website: When you check the payment process on both these sites, the Bank Account is same:
Rackspace Outsourcing, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Virtualofficejob Review #5: Fake Addresses displayed

No doubt, virtualofficejob is a scam and fraud website and it does not have any physical office anywhere in the world.
According to their Contact page, they have office in Bangalore and US. Forget about US, they do not have office even in Bangalore. The address displayed in their website is wrong and there is no such office in Bangalore.

If they have office in Bangalore, then why is their Bank Account in Navi Mumbai? If they have bank accounts in Navi Mumbai, then why they do not have office there? These all are signs of a fraud, fake, scam and cheating site. To take the fun, just call their Mobile Number: 9220925433 and ask them if they have office in Bangalore, then why do they have bank account in Navi Mumbai?


Virtualofficejob Review #6: Online Complaints by Victims

When you search on Google “Virtualofficejob Complaints”, you would get a lot of complaints from victims who have been cheated by this website. You should learn from other’s mistake and avoid this website at any cost. The following contains some online complaints of victims with appropriate links:

Virtualofficejob Complaints#1:

“Don’t deal and work for the company I started to work for them and they promised to pay in the end of each week, but it was lie. Worked for them about a month, but they still haven’t paid me. I sent tons of emails an asked for money, but they ignored me. These people are scammers and liars, who promise a lot, but in result you get nothing. Please post your comments about this company”

Virtualofficejob Complaints#2:

“Please be aware of these websites they are fraud and scammers.This virtualooficejob totally fake frauding people.They are charging high registration fees and no payment.All the same old work they will give you and when payment time comes they will not pay you.Itz been 3months now i have not got paid.I have given a complaint to police including all details regarding these websites.I alert every one think before you invest you hard earned money.Instructions and addresses given this website totally fake don trust.During payout time they will not respond to any of your emails.Below images will give you clear understanding.”

Virtualofficejob Complaints#3:

“My id fr51131 i am doing the captcha job. I spent more than rs. 6000/- for registration fees. I completed more 100000 entry from last one year. I tried my level best to complete the target given by them. Now they block my number. Last one year they are just telling me they will be pay. They are also tell me that they are paying every month for others but because of some issue they will pay me later. Now they blocked my id…”


There are other numerous complaints and reviews on which can be found online. One among them is : is also included in the list of all scam online jobs and list of fake data entry jobs. Before joining any online job, you must check this list.

Have you been cheated by

There are 2 kinds of people who are reading this virtualofficejob review. One who is ready to join and the other who had already joined. If you were ready to join virtualofficejob, we advise you to avoid it and join only if you want to lose your money. For those, who have lost money in this fake site, you may get back your money if you take the following steps:

Step-I: Share your experience in the comment section below. Write your complaints on below complain sites:
Your experience, review and complaint would serve as an eye-opener and spread awareness about this fraud site and help other people to avoid joining here.

Step-II: Send an Email to Cyber crime, Mumbai as these cheater have bank account there. In the Email, attach all evidence like the bank deposit receipt or transaction Id. Mention the facts including date of joining, amount of fee you paid, website and Mobile Number of the cheating company. Send the Email to:
[email protected]

Step-III: Talk to the customer care of IDBI bank as these cheaters have account in that bank. Send the Email to:
[email protected] For better and quick results, send the same Email to both together.
Share your experiences and virtualofficejob review with us in the comment section below. Before joining any website, you may ask for the reviews from our experts here.

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